Creative Yacht ownership programs

Guaranteed Income


Guaranteed Income Program is our easiest and most trouble-free ownership program. 

Own a new yacht at one of our select bases worldwide and collect a guaranteed monthly payment of up to 9% with no risk.

Cruise the world for up to 12 weeks each year in 40+ exotic locales using our worldwide reciprocal owner use program.

Tax Efficient Yacht Ownership


This Performance Program dramatically lowers overall costs by applying US tax laws.

Tax efficient yacht program owners can benefit from substantial tax benefits that quickly create equity in their new yachts. We urge potential buyers to seek the advice of qualified tax advisors in setting up and operating your yacht as  a small  business. With this program, you can own a luxury yacht with a down payment of *20%.

Benefit from Dream Yacht’s worldwide sailing and access to economic markets which improves overall yacht charter occupancy, especially compared to regional yacht dealers’ programs.

Crewed Yacht Program


Typically, this program is reserved for large catamarans (over 45 feet). Dream Yacht Charter assigns a captain and crew to pamper charter clients as well as the owners and their guests. If your dream is to be a crewed charter captain, that is a possibility in this flexible program, too!

tailored to meet an owner’s individual requirements. Placing a new yacht into the crewed program provides all the benefits of owning a deluxe sailing yacht minus the expense and challenges of traditional boat ownership.

Dream Easy Program


Guaranteed 40% discount with no financing on Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria and Dufour yachts.

The cost of the boat can be as low as 45% of the full price of the boat once fully equipped and delivered to the charter base. One such program is the “Dream Easy Program” from Dream Yacht Charters. For example, you can own a luxury yacht like a Bali 45 catamaran with only 35% down and a balloon payment of 25% at the end of a 66-month term. There is no operational expense to the owner and worldwide reciprocal owners' use is available.

Partnership Program


Partnership Program owners can purchase a yacht with only a 55% investment and no further costs for the duration of the program.

Own a luxurious sailboat at one of our 45+ worldwide bases. Sail for up to 12 weeks a year through our reciprocal owner use program 

Fractional Ownership Program


Charter yacht ownership with less investment.

The easiest yacht partnership with less investment and all the owner benefits Dream Yacht is known for.

Select from one of our fractional yacht ownership offers of a specific boat in a specific location. Enjoy 5% annual return and hassle-free ownership with up to 5 weeks of sailing time on your yacht or a similar in one of 40+ worldwide reciprocal bases. Compare costs and benefits to yacht timeshares in which you do NOT hold title of your vessel and selling your yacht membership may prove difficult.